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Nov 28, 2011

Force the open/existing connection of pool members to be closed





I would like to force the open/existing current connection of pool members (sharepoint server) become 0 (under local traffic-> Pools). The connections that still alive will take a while to be closed or timed out. Is there a way to kill/close the existing connection to the pool members?







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  • Hi,



    Do you want to close the connections to a members marqued down by a monitor ?



    In that case you may choose a value for "Action on Service Down" on the pool definition different from the default value None , Reselect is the one i use.








  • Or if you want to clear all existing connections to a pool member without a monitor action, you can use:



    b conn ss server delete






    tmsh delete /sys connection ss-server-addr ss-server-port 80



  • Hi,



    Thank you for your help. Need some clarification here.




    b conn ss server delete




    For, is it the IP address for pool members and 80 is the service port?




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    Hi thunderbird,



    This is correct. In the command that Hoolio gives you above, "b conn ss server delete" represents the pool member, and 80 does indeed represent the service port. If you had connections on port 8080 that you wanted to delete, you'd just sub the port assignment, so it would look like this:



    b conn ss server delete



    Please let us know if you have further questions.





  • Is it possible to clear one connections to the pool instead of clear all connections?