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Mar 02, 2012

Firepass not detecting firewall

We've got a new laptop configured with Windows 7 32bit. Its an image that we have used across a number of systems withouth issue. We've installed the full Firepass client. When the pre-logon sequence goes to check for the firewall it fails - Firewall not detected. I've also tried setting the option to start the firewall but no luck.



Thanks all for the help.






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  • In your pre-logon sequence post the check that it's doing for the firewall. In addition, post the Opswat version along with the Firewall being used.
  • Thank Mike.



    The pre-logon sequence is using the Windows Firewall Checker option and is set to enable it if it's not enabled. The Opswat version is The firewall is Windows Firewall.
  • Hmm, that's a pretty old Opswat version. Can you upgrade to something newer?



    The firewall check is set to this without quotes "session.fw.summary.enabled == 1" ?
  • I may be able to update our Opswat. It doesn't require a reboot does it?



    we have three checks for the firewall


    running -> session.fw.summary.enabled == 1


    installed -> session.fw.summary.cound>0





  • Is there anything else I can check on the client side? Its another WTH? situation where we have 10 other people using the same config that don't have an issue connecting.
  • You can enable the check logging and have the user click on the data and report back.