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Apr 05, 2012

Firepass issue

Hi all,



I realise this is in the wrong group, but I could not find a group that deals with Firepass issues. It would be appreciated if a admin could move this to the correct group.



The issue I have is that we have users who use the Firepass to access one of our websites where they can update content. This is all done via a web interface. We have defined a web application favorite for them to select which just takes them to the correct URL. From there they login and start editng. What is happening though is that the following code is being inserted into there data invisavbly. By that I mean it does not appear on their screens but if we open there records they edited the code is in there. This causes the web application all sorts of problems. I was wondering if this code is being inserted by the Firepass and if so is there any way of stopping it. I should also point out the the site they are taken to is also a VIP on our BigIPs.



Here is the code that is being inserted.



<-- -->



without the comment tags. Any ideas on how to stop this or what is causing it?