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Jan 04, 2012

FirePass co-work with SMS authentication Ipad and Iphone







Is there a way to useaniPador iPhone to logon remotely intothe corporate networkviatheFirePasswithexternal SMSauthentication solution?



The iPhone/Ipad does not support Java.



Thank you


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  • Install the Big-Ip Edge Client and set the Firepass up in the correct manner.
  • as always, thank you Mike.



    i have download the Big-Ip Edge Client and tested it a test environment and i have connected to the remote site successfully.



    only after a couple of seconds the connection terminate by itself.



    do i do something wrong ?


  • I would check the Firepass timeout sessions and make sure normal network access works on a windows based PC (easier to test)
  • Windows PC as MAC OS 10 works fine.


    the connection in the IPad - Big-Ip Edge Client is establish using weblogon enabled.
  • Hmm. What version of Firepass? I haven't had the connection ever drop on me yet. I'll try on my side again to make sure.
  • Version - FirePass 7.0.0




    Service Check Date: November 14, 2011



    with CFs:


















  • Sorry for this a bit late response.


    the problem does occurs if on the inside client settings name is empty



    go to Network Access


    click Resources


    search Resource Group that you want to gain access to


    in the Client Settings put the desired name (this is by default for each Resource Group empty)


    leave the rest as it is and click on update.