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Dec 12, 2014

Failure of SMTP health check

I've always received great help here and it's truly appreciated. Now I have another issue that requires some assistance. BTW, I have a support case with F5 regarding this and they have not been able to offer any solutions that have worked.


I have a virtual server that uses a single member pool doing SMTP health checks. The health check is failing (showing the member down) but all logs show proper connectivity, proper smtp responses from the mail server, and communications working correctly, but the health check still shows down and the logs related to this traffic are displaying a "Sending data failed, errno 'EPIPE'" type error message. I can telnet from the F5 to the member server from a SSH console and run the same SMTP commands and all checks out. Simply not sure why the health check would fail is all appears to be talking properly.


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    You can also try to re-create SMTP monitor. Set Interval to 30, and Timeout to 91. And enable debug (Advanced configuration for the monitor), it may show some info in logs...


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