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Dec 15, 2023

F5 VE HA upgrade from ver to

Hello , I have an urgent query on F5 VE HA upgrade , I am in the code  and want to know if I can directly upgrade it to  or not , most of the videos show people downloading the 15.1.10 iso from f5 download page , when the question was asked to F5 they said that I need to download 15.1.10 and also and only install and the system will take from 15.1.10,  is that right , what if I do not download 15.1.10 ? and only download and install

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  • I was able to upgrade the image from to in production , with out any issues and all application was found to be good . I also did a test prior to the production  change  on a trail lab and it was found to be sucess full , I did try only uploading the ve image and no image of 15.1.10 base was downloaded.


    rtion with no base 15.1.10 and still all  went well , So we as a proof for anyone planning such a direct jump can verify this .




  • Since you are upgrading a VE.... you also have an option to test the upgrade. If you have a VE lab license, or whatnot, you can take the UCS backup and load it on the lab instance -- no license check, no platform check. Of course use f5mku to copy over the master key to allow config data decrypt. Then walk through the upgrade.... check /var/log/ltm upon reboot into new software for issues, and take a qkview post upgrade and review in iHealth.

    Otherwise, make sure you have a good change window, and remember you can always revert into the old volume.

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      Hello Whis


      Yes thats what I usually do to test but this time do not have much time as the change window is nearing , but I will try it out and see , I think as per f5 I need to keep the base configuration  15.1.10 and also and install the and will take any needed files from the 15.1.10 while it get installed , It is good that we can revert to old and these will be done on the Standby first