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  • Hi InquisitiveMai - as per F5 Training Units Terms and Conditions,  

    "F5 Training Units are prepaid training credits that can be purchased from F5 and applied toward F5’s training sessions and courses (“Training Sessions”). Training Units provide flexibility in the selection of Training Sessions and the management of training costs without selecting specific Training Sessions at the time the Training Units are purchased. Training Units are redeemable for Training Sessions available at LearnF5. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for help selecting the appropriate Training Sessions to ensure the success of your representatives who participate in implementing, configuring, and administering the F5 solutions used by your company. As more specifically described below, Training Units:

    • have no monetary value and are nonrefundable;

    • may be redeemed as a credit toward the registration fees for available Training Sessions at LearnF5;

    • are sold and redeemed only in whole (non-fractionalized) Training Units;

    • are typically activated within five business days after invoicing for orders placed with a purchase order and are activated immediately upon purchase for orders placed with a credit card;

    • expire one year after the activation date;

    • are registered, redeemed, and managed through your LearnF5 account; and • must be redeemed for Training Sessions that begin before the expiration date."