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Dec 01, 2021

F5 Rewrite URI Translation profile

I am trying to implement a rewrite uri translation profile, along the lines of..



translates to:-



The above is working fine however I also require a catch-all entry for anything that does not match (client), redirect to a an 'oops' page or similar. According to the f5 documentation, a request does not need to match any entry. That is if no entries match and there is no catch-all entry, the rewrite profile has no effect.


I have tried using a wildcard as the last entry in the list, i.e:-


(client) https://*/

translates to:-

(server) https://oopspage/


Can anyone suggest how I can add a catch-all entry using a profile (vs using an i-rule)?

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  • NUCUSERCan you please provide the current configuration of your iRule so that I can better understand what current actions you are taking and then we can come up with something that works for your situation?