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Jun 27, 2024

f5 LTM, Time out issue.

We have a virtual server, VS IP ( Service port (9080) Also we have two nodes for the nodes we have set load balancing method (least connection members), When we request traffic, after some time, it times out on my screen. However, when we disable one node, it works fine. kindly suggest me thanks 

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  • you need to take a packet capture including timeout scenario: 

    tcpdump -vvnni 0.0:nnnp host <Client_IP> -s0 -vw /var/tmp/TEST.pcap

    Also, answer on those Questions: 
    - The app works fine if you disable each of Nodes separately or you disable the same node each time ? 

    - what is the service port on your nodes is it ( 9080 ) ? Is it the same port for both of nodes ? 

    - Try to change load balancing method and see the result. 

    _ what about the health monitor status in your nodes/pool members ? 

    But Again the Packet capture is the most effective troubleshooting step to be taken in your scenario. 



  • Fully agree with Mohamed_Ahmed_Kansoh on doing a packet capture.


    But another thing to try is the presistence profile. Do you have one set? If not give that a go, IP address probably easiest.