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Sep 14, 2023

F5 LTM RestAPI call for nodes to return pool membership

F5 bigip LTM version (not using F5 SDK)

Just curious if anyone knows how to pull back a nodes pool membership from LTM API:

Making call to

/mgmt/tm/ltm/node/MYNODE -> returns attributes (name,ip,etc) and self-link.

From within the GUI, one can go to the node list in LTM and the "Pool Membership" tab to see this (rather than going to network map.).  However, this seems to be a jsp driven script.

I can pull back this info by GET to this, however, not ideal.


Just think this would be a great way to pull back when creating/removing from python function.

My thanks to any and all that can help!

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  • funkyjunky I don't believe a way exists to match node to pool in one command. You will most likely have to query the pools configured and then run a local command on your machine that issued the RestAPI call to filter the information further.

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      Thanks for the confirmation, Paulius !!
      Just made a couple more functions.  One to pull all pools and one to pull all nodes.  Think we can stitch things together from there.

      Also seeing that ?expandSubcollections=true might provide more info.  Will test and report back if so.

      Will leave this for a few days in case there are other suggestions, or if I find a better way to reference, but I think this will work.