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Feb 26, 2024

F5 Host device got failed over suddenly

I have two F5 host devices with vcmp.
One of the hosts suddenly failed over, and on /var/log/tmm there was a log like this:

notice errdefs: errdefs: config load failed
notice TMM clock is 0 seconds from system time
notice ticks since last clock update: 11365
notice ticks since start of poll: 11364
notice next heartbeat expiration in 413 ticks
notice TMM aborted @ 1708396809. 50386
notice ePVA firmware snoop vers(0x2:0x1), features: 0x201611edff, attached:no, pde:0.
ePVA: disable ePVA per request.
hsb0: pde dma stopped
errdefs: errdefs: config load failed
detach hsb_lbb0.
deactivate hsb_lbb0.
TMM version: pgo_use x86_64 padc TMM Version
---------------------- Crash dump - Start ----------------------

Has anyone ever experienced something like that? or does anyone know the cause?

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