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Mar 15, 2019

F5 health check logs no response or bad response

Hello Guys,


Would like to ask regarding the health check. so we have client wanted to know if our node wasnt able to reply or it did reply but a bad response. so this is the logs


sample: 01070638:5: Pool /Common/ member /Common/server_name:443 monitor status down. [ /Common/: down; last error: /Common/: Unable to connect; No successful responses received before deadline. @2016/12/01 09:58:35. ] [ was up for 22hrs:39mins:24sec ]




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  • Hi Cathy,

    if the problem persists, you may check the connectivity of the individual nodes via


     curl -vk 

    ... combine the

    command with
    rdexec $rd_id
    if the the backend system is only reachable via a given route domain.

     rdexec 1 curl -vk 

    ... if you need to perform a forensic analysis for your given case. Then "Unable to connect - for whatever reason" is all you can say to your client.

    You would need to enable "Monitor Logging" for the LTM monitors to get much more detailed information. But keep in mind that "Monitor Logging" have to become enabled on each LTM cluster unit seperately and must be re-enabled after each reboot of your units...

    K12531: Troubleshooting health monitors

    Cheers, Kai