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Dec 21, 2023

F5 DNS for External websites

Greetings everyone,

I require assistance with F5 DNS resolution for external websites. I have a website hosted on GoDaddy, for example, Currently, it points to a single A record, and I aim to implement load balancing between the IPs. To achieve this, I configured a wideip named and created aliases for and also, pointed Godaddy DNS to my F5 DNS listener IP /NS by removing A record in Godaddy dns. 

Subsequently, Zonerunner was set up with SOA and NS, using the F5 Listener IP. Upon performing an nslookup, I successfully obtained the answers. However, I noticed a .org. zone created as self, with these alias records falling under that zone.

Is it acceptable to have a zone with .org and include these alias records, or is there an alternative approach for this configuration? I appreciate any assistance provided.

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  • it's better if you share the dns records in godady and f5 config.

    usually, f5 dns implementaiton using dns record is like this:



    a. In godaddy:	IN A	IN A	IN A
    New using F5 DNS::
    a. In godaddy: declare new subdomain to be NS-ed by F5 DNS and create alias record for previous A records IN A		 /// Datacenter1 F5 DNS listener address IN A		 /// Datacenter2 F5 DNS address	IN NS	IN NS	IN CNAME	IN CNAME	IN CNAME
    b. In F5 DNS:
    create wideip configs for,, which basically serves:	IN A ....	//IP address is decided dynamically by F5 DNS	IN A ....	//IP address is decided dynamically by F5 DNS	IN A ....	//IP address is decided dynamically by F5 DNS






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      I agree with the config you said, but it is good for * its a subdomain and TLD. I have only top level domain .org like example where there is no company name or subdomain. Wanted to see how to achive in this scenario. 

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        so basically originaly you have these records in godaddy: IN NS ...godady name servers... IN A webserver public ip adress...

        So in godaddy, you still need to delete " IN A ..." and create subdomain and alias such as: IN NS ... f5dc1 and f5dc2... IN CNAME

  • Today, I tried this and getting empty response for and its working for


    Toplevel domain is not working. :( returning and empty response.