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Apr 16, 2012

f5 dictionary file for SBR

Hi all,



can you post me link to downlaod f5 radius attrbutes dictionary file F5.dct so that i can uplaod it to SBR to create various profiles for users configuring f5 devices firepass/link controller.



such as admin role/operator/guest role .







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  • is this usable?



    sol11431: Using F5 vendor specific attributes with RADIUS authentication

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    I could use this too. I tried creating an SBR formatted .dct file, but SBR isn't recognizing it.


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    I've put together this f5.dict that will work with RSA/SecurID Authentication Manager/SBR


    Log in to the RSA server via ssh:


    edit /opt/rsa/am/radius/vendor.ini


    Add these lines in their alphabetical location vendor-product = F5 Networks dictionary = f5


    edit /opt/rsa/am/radius/dictiona.dcm Add this line in it's alphabetical location @f5.dct


    Restart the entire server (I had to do this twice). You should know have F5 VSAs available in the SecurID GUI


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      @justin when you pasted this code sample, did you highlight the region and mark it as code (ctrl-k or tab or icon in toolbar)
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    F5.dct - Radius dictionary for F5 Justin Phelps Use the Radius specification attributes


    F5 specific parameters

    MACRO F5-VSA(t,s) 26 [vid=3375 type1=%t% len1=+2 data=%s%]

    ATTRIBUTE F5-LTM-User-Role F5-VSA(1,integer) r ATTRIBUTE F5-LTM-User-Role-Universal F5-VSA(2,integer) r ATTRIBUTE F5-LTM-User-Partition F5-VSA(3,string) r ATTRIBUTE F5-LTM-User-Console F5-VSA(4,integer) r ATTRIBUTE F5-LTM-User-Shell F5-VSA(5,string) r supported values are disable, tmsh, and bpsh ATTRIBUTE F5-LTM-User-Context-1 F5-VSA(10,integer) r ATTRIBUTE F5-LTM-User-Context-2 F5-VSA(11,integer) r ATTRIBUTE F5-LTM-User-Info-1 F5-VSA(12,string) r ATTRIBUTE F5-LTM-User-Info-2 F5-VSA(13,string) r

    VALUE F5-LTM-User-Role Administrator 0 VALUE F5-LTM-User-Role Resource-Admin 20 VALUE F5-LTM-User-Role User-Manager 40 VALUE F5-LTM-User-Role Auditor 80 VALUE F5-LTM-User-Role Manager 100 VALUE F5-LTM-User-Role App-Editor 300 VALUE F5-LTM-User-Role Operator 400 VALUE F5-LTM-User-Role Guest 700 VALUE F5-LTM-User-Role Policy-Editor 800 VALUE F5-LTM-User-Role No-Access 900

    VALUE F5-LTM-User-Role-Universal Disabled 0 VALUE F5-LTM-User-Role-Universal Enabled 1

    VALUE F5-LTM-User-Console Disabled 0 VALUE F5-LTM-User-Console Enabled 1