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Aug 23, 2011

F5 Deployment Guide for Exchange Server 2010 updated - v3.0

Dell/F5 users



We are happy to announce the updated version of the Exchange Deployment Guide. James Hendergart the F5 Microsoft Business development manager has listened to the requests from you and other customers and has added these requests into the new version of the document.



Additions to this version of the document include:


- Substantially updated the configuration for Edge Gateway and APM.


- Updated manual configuration tables in the appendix.


- Modified timeout value for RPC Client Access persitence from 3600 to 7200 seconds.


- Added Appendix B: Technical Notes with detailed descriptions of Slow Ramp Time, SAN SSL certificates and Outlook Client configuration.


- Added updated iRules for persistence.



The new document can be found here:



Download and enjoy.



Andrew Walker


Solution Design Engineer


F5 Networks


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