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Mar 08, 2011

F5 Config Sync error Version 10

Hi, I was trying to sync my configuration from Primary to Standby but it poped up with the below error message. If anyone have seen this before and have a solution please let me know. Thank you in advance for your help.




"Operation Status Checking configuration on local system and peer system... Peer's IP address: Error: Can't sync configuration for a redundant pair with the the same. BIGpipe parsing error: 01110034:3: The configuration for running config-sync is incorrect. "

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  • Hi Shah,



    What was the exact error message? What is the same on the two units that the error message mentions?



    You can test the config sync settings with the script:



    sol7024: Overview of the ConfigSync process




  • just a quick check... is configsync peer address correct?