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Mar 08, 2011

F5 can be active active / or /active passive

Dear all



any one he can explained to me if the F5 BIGIP LTM can be active active or active standby if any one has solution please send mail to







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    You can run either way.



    active/active just means both uints handle SOME of the VS's at the same time. If one fails, then both units handle ALL the traffic. Some people don't like this... But I do.



    Most objections come in around the argument that in a failure situation a single box may not be able to handle then whole peak load. But that's doubly true of running it all on a single box in the first place :) In a situation where you don't have a failure, you do have more capacity.



  • Hi Nabeel,



    You have to be careful with capacity planning for Active/Active. Ensure you take into account the joint capacity of the two boxes (CPU, MEM, etc).