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Mar 07, 2012

F5-BIG-VE-LAB license

Hi there,



I wonder what's actually licensed in F5-BIG-VE-LAB. Is it just LTM, or is ist all VE modules APM, ASM and GTM (as I was told by the distributor)? Furthermore: What are the exact limitations (functionality) of the LAB license?



Many Thanks!







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  • Hi Kurt,



    The VE lab edition includes all of the modules. The APM license is APM-lite (10 user limit). The overall throughput is limited as well. Overall, it works great for functional testing on any current version.



  • Aaron,



    great. Thanks for that info. I will just need the license for testing and iRule development. For that, speed is not a matter, but functionality is. This license is what I need :-).



    BTW: Can I register it for 10.2 AND 11.x?







  • Sure, you can use an eval key for 10.2.x and 11.x slots on the same VE.



  • Aaron - can you confirm that OAM integration functionality isn't included in APM-lite? I've just seen a log error which says:



    "APM full license is required for OAM to work."


    "Traffic Control & Enforcement(ltm_classification) feature is not licensed"



    If so, is the minimum spec for a VE OAM lab: F5-BIG-LTM-VE-LAB + F5-ADD-BIG-APM-VE-B ?



    It'd also be good to see some more information/documentation regarding APM-lite as I can't seem to find any.





  • Hey Carl,



    I'll email you about this. You're correct though that currently you need a full APM license to use the OAM integration.



  • Guys i would like to know about the real throughput of the lab licence. is the same of the trail version?


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      Hi How can obtain this license please? I need to do a POC for my company with F5 LTM , APM VE and Oracle Identity 11g The need is to replace all webgates and Web Tier Any help appreciated Anatoly
  • hi guys,


    back to limitations...


    I know the Lab VE will allow you to enable all modules 11.4 as long as you assign enough resource to the guest regarding RAM but actual limitations?...


    APM = 10 users (and OFC no OAM ;) ) LTM = 10mbit throughput (appliance wide?) ASM = refer to LTM throughput? AAM = as above? GTM = as above plus 1? AFM = as above plus 2?? CGNAT = 3 PSM = 4 PEM = 5 LC = err 6!


    Also does this include IPI/SWG/URL subs?


    I suppose to be blunt is there a definitive KB/SOL on ask.f5?






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      good idea, would be nice if F5 makes this crystal clear.
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      Can anyone at F5 comment on whether OAM functionality is planned to be added to the VE Lab license at any point? Seems a strange omission - and I can't see a reason to miss it out.
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      the reason is money i believe, f5 has to pay a license for it, so adding it to the lab would give it a higher cost.