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Aug 12, 2019

F5 APM SSO cookie caching by Chrome browser.

Hi All,


We have F5 VS were using for APM SSO for Jboss web appication which is working fine with Http form based SSO.


The Problem is when we click the logout option in Jboss application, chrome browser doesnt sent the logout messages to APM to clear the session instead of it will cache the webpage and sends the logout screen from cache.


If the user login to Jboss application before the access policy timeout, then users are getting error message.


We need help to fix this browser caching issue.

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  • Hi Sajid, Thank you for the update.


    We had already tried configuring logout URI in access policy but still its not working. We had verified the APM logs after clicking the application logout option but we are not receiving any logout messages from chrome browser to F5 APM.


    Its working fine with Internet Explorer. Only problem with chrome and firefox browsers. These browsers are sending the logout pages from stored cache and not sending any request to APM to close the session.

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      I'm wondering if you ever found a fix for this issue? I'm facing a similar issue. Thank you


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    Have to defined logout uri in the access profile?


    Access ›› Profiles / Policies : Access Profiles (Per-Session Policies) ›› Profile_Name




     Logout URI Include 




    you can use iRule to force logout with removing session cookies.


    when HTTP_REQUEST {

     if {[HTTP::uri] contains "/Logout"}{

     ACCESS::session remove

     #HTTP::respond 302 Location "https://[HTTP::host]/vdesk/hangup.php3"