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Nov 22, 2022

F5 APM Inactivity timeout behavior


With reference to APM used in conjunction with VMware Horizon View and this article:, I have a couple of queries :

1. How does APM detect whether or not a user is inactive ?

2. When the inactivity timeout kicks in, what does it do ? Mark the session state as locked or something ? Does it also pass some message to VMware Horizon View Connection Server ?

3. When the inactivity timeout kicks in, does APM close already launched applications/desktops ?

3a. If YES, how does it do that ? Does it have visibility into launched applications/desktop OR does it talk to VMware Horizon View Connection Server to get that done ?

3b. If NO, how does it keep existing applications as is, esp. if VMware Horizon View Connection Server closes them, when inactivity timeout kicks in ?

Thanks in advance !



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  • 1. APM injects a session cookie in client traffic. No request with session cookie = client is inactive. 

    2. Session expires and APM removes it from session table. Clients requires another authentication. Not sure how this interacts with VMware.

    3. Also nont sure, I think this might as well depend on VMware settings. I think it will be the same behavior as an user who authenticates another time. 

    Hope this helps