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Sep 19, 2023

F5 APM AES256 in keytab for Kerb Auth failed

I am a newbie on F5 apm, currently, we have to authenticate users to access applications, I use the kerberos protocol via a keytab uploder file on the F5 apm, however, want to change encryption algorithm (RC4 to AES 256), the user sees displayed an authentication pop-up, nevertheless the authentication should be transparent for the user and does not have to enter these login/PASWD (use of the keytab file), I made a clean browser cache / restart the computer but still the same problem, following that I did a rollback with the encryption parameters (RC4), of the keytab file.

BYW : i see fallback from item 'kerberos Auth' to ending Deny , on splunk log.
Do you have any ideas ?

Thanks in advance


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