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Jan 25, 2012

F5 API connection refused




I have seen this happen a few times and am wondering if there is an internal timeout of some kind for API execution. Basically I was unable to connect to my F5 LTM from another system that was attempting to execute iControl APIs against the F5 system using the admin username and password to log in. After manually logging into the F5 system I am once again able to execute the APIs from the remote system. What are the proper credentials to use for API connections that do not time out?







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  • Hi Mark,



    I don't think there are separate timeouts per user. I believe iControl uses the same auth mechanism as the GUI.



    Here are some steps you can use to troubleshoot:



    create a custom admin account (admin account which isn't named admin) and use that to test


    enable audit logging on mcp


    run a tcpdump


    run the iControl app and repro the timeout


    check the tcpdump output and/or audit logs to see what's happening