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Dec 14, 2010

F5 Actions State Not Monitored in SCOM

Hi Team,



We have installed F5 Management Pack (2.1.3) in our SCOM(2007 R2) server. After the installation we have discovered our F5 Device through SCOM(2007 R2) successfully . Now we can able to see all our nodes and Pools under Diagram View . We have Overide the F5 monitoring rules .



Now we are seeing "F5 Actions State" as Not Monitored . Kindly help what we have to do .







Raja S



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    Hi Raja,



    I assume that the rule overrides may have not been set up correctly and this may have caused the F5 device health-model work-flows to stop working. Please make sure you follow the instructions on setting up the collection / threshold rule overrides described in this article:



    If your rules are set up correctly and you still get the error condition, please export and zip your override management pack and send it to us: managementpack(at)f5(dot)com. We'll take a closer look and help you troubleshoot the problem.



    Thank you.