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Aug 11, 2020

F5 101 Exam failed :(

So I've been studying for this F5 101 Exam for some time. I've read the philip jonsson F5 101 book, the F5 study guide, done F5Learn and played in my own F5 lab for 200+ hours. I did my due diligence.

Many of the questions were not included or even mentioned in the study guide. I have a feeling the exam has been updated several times without the study guide also being updated.

At least I know now what kind of questions will be on the exam, but is there an actual place to read up on relevant F5 101 requirements? I feel a bit scammed...

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    Hi there,

    Found someone who is also in the same boat as me. Yeah so many changes with no update on the study material and those study guides clearly state that this is not an official resource or material to the exam and also a disclaimer that the exam resources will change without any notice.

    Disappointing, may be this is one way of testing the candidate.

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      Hey KayKay, if you want a study partner let me know. my email is

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        Nah, will take a break. Dont want to kill myself again. Will see what others say and then take it from there. Keep an eye on the resource section and any new videos for now. Dont like the way how we need to complete 101 to move to 201 and 301. At least they should allow us to sit for the exam but not credit towards the level until all the modules are passed.

  • I'm struggling to find some updated study material for the 101 exam. I need to pass the exam by next month in order to meet one of my annual goals for my job. If you have any links to updated study materials please reply to me. Thanks!

  • Hello, did anyone find any resources for this? How the heck do you study for these exams without resources??

  • Hi Geoff_70,

    F5 exam 101 is mostly basic TCP/IP and OSI Knowledge so no need study guide, start digging on Google and read the Blueprint :-)

    You can also buy the 101 study guide available from Steven and Philip (



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      Hello Lidev and thanks for the reply. Yes I bought that book yesterday from Amazon, $9.99 AUD. Seems like a light version of the CCNA, I am compiling notes from both that book and my CCNA notes from years ago! One thing I will say for an exam which gives you no certification it is close to $300 AUD to sit which is pretty expensive! What about the follow-on exams, 201 etc is there some decent guides on that anywhere? Thanks, Geoff