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May 05, 2022

F5 101 exam - what F5 courses should I buy


I got approval from my company's finance team that I can spend money on some official F5 training. I found these two courses:

- Administering BIG-IP ::::

- Configuring BIG-IP LTM :::: 

I have a good understanding of the OSI model, I hold a JNCIS-ENT and JNCIS certification. Though, I want to learn ADC better and F5 networks provides the superior ADC.

I haven't done much work with F5 BIG-IP devices, I have only setup basic HA between two BIG-IP virtual editions.

Should I buy both courses and attend them? Will they help me clear F5 101 exam, is it a fly-by? Given my lack of F5 knowledge. Any recommendations for being best-poised in this 101 exam. I intend on buying the $25 practice-exam after to assess readiness.

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  • Hi,

    If do you really want to prepare for 101 I can suggest a cheaper option:

    1. I bought this book many years ago and help me to focus on all the important points of 101, and yes I passed after studying.

    2. For the 201 you can choose the courses:

    - Administering BIG-IP ::::

    - Configuring BIG-IP LTM :::: 

    the 101  is focused on networking and has a low focus on the F5 products.

    201 is focused on the day-to-day administration and the courses could be good, additional you can buy a VE lab license 25 MB already for 200 dollars with your F5 partner to deploy every lab for all modules.

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      Thanks! I'll get cracking with that book. Just bought it for Kindle edition.

  • Hi,

    From my experiance, they are both good cources, but the LTM course is a deep dive and the Admin course is a prereq to any other f5 course.

    So the admin course goes into how to build, setup and cluster the f5 with a small bit on load balancing.

    Where as the LTM course pretty much goes straight into load balancing and what to consider and look for.

    When i did the LTM course a couple of guys on it hadn't done the admin course and struggled with the basic concepts and setups that is gone through really nicely in the admin course.

    In my personal view, the Admin course is a prereq to anything, and if you look after in operatons  a f5 on a daily/weekly basis its a must.

    The LTM course is one step above useful when you are being asked to work on or fault find on a f5. Where a better understanding of what the LTM module doing really will help.

    I would also recommend the fault finding course, it really helped me to identify where to look for issues!

    Hope this helps.

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      Thanks mate, do you know if buying these courses they give us a lab environment during the duration to play along? 



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        Yes it's all lab based.

        From memory fault finding course was a bit light on labs.

        But admin, ltm, APM, AFM, ASM are all lab based.

  • It isn't the 101 content, but WWT has a couple labs for the 201 and 301A. You can work through that content as well, or just do your 101 work in the environments. Requires registration from a work email address.