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Feb 25, 2021

F5 / Way to create portal or dashboard to list pool member detais

Hi All - We have been using F5 for load balancing and planning to have a dashboard or a portal to list down pool member details when WIP or VIP is provided.. Imagine on a high volume of users in an organisation, wherein if an user gives WIP or VIP details in the dashboard and then once the user clicks "search" , then screen should display the pool member details of corresponding VIP and GTM/LTM details and also what LB mode it is - round robin etc... Is this achievable? If yes can anyone please suggest a way to proceed on this task?

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  • If you want this in real time, you should build a tool with api calls.

    If not real time, then that means that requires a database to store the values.


    I know of a 3rd party tool - Appviewx. You can try that.

    It has its own pro's & con's

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      Thanks Jai for the response.. When you say api calls - do you mean for every it would connect to F5 to get the parameters?​ Will check for the 3rd part tool suggested

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        Yea kind of, one can go with api auth token, it has default timeout of 10mins I think, but it can be increased to a limit.

        So ur auth part is reduced & query calls gets triggered as you define. Based on the response you get, you can code to display in web page.​

  • if you want to do this yourself then API calls makes senses. the main advantage is that you can make it as much match what you want. but it will require being able to understand and make the API calls and create the webpage where this information is shown.


    perhaps bigip report is a match for this, it is not realtime, but if you run it regularly then it might be what you need. it save you from writing the tool yourself.

  demo here:

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      Thanks Boneyard for the suggestions, will explore further