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Dec 07, 2023

Exclude certain of HTTP URLs from HTTPS Traffic


I have HTTPs VIP on port 443 , the backend app has few urls in http (some content in webpage using http (Mixed Content)) that doesn't work with F5 HTTPS offloading, I want those  HTTP URLs to be handled as HTTP not HTTPs traffic , how can i do that?

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  • is it possible to fix the mixed content issue with a stream profile? That would be the better path, but would need to know more about your application and the delivery configuration.

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      yes , issue is fixed by using stream profile in this article , but error message  appeared in another webpage in website which webpage can't load. and when i remove stream profile ,webpage works normally. 
      note: webserver uses www-authentication header: NTLM , i don't know if this related to the issue or not.

  • i had similar situation.
    the ideal solution is changing the app to always use relative paths.

    if it's on different hostname/ip, use //address when referencing to other address, instead of http://... or https://...
    browser will automatically use https if calling window is https

    for workaround, you can create http virtual server vip:80