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Nov 22, 2011

Enterprise Manager (EM) HA options with 2 data centers

Say you have 2 EMs, and want to have one at each data center. Is there an easy way to configure them to be a long distance HA pair without a floating/shared address between them? Is it detrimental/possible to have devices discovered by both EMs but only do stats collection on the "primary"?



My other thought was to just leave the secondary box up with no config, but have a discovery file that we can execute in a fail-over scenario that would discover all the reachable devices. But what about templates and change sets and all that fun stuff? I guess I could run a cron job to synch the config?



It would be cool if I could have an ipsec tunnel between the two that would function like a failover cable, but then I guess I would need to be able to share an IP across data centers that the managed devices could talk to or kick off a discovery/update that would tell the devices that the EM has changed IPs....



Thoughts, recommendations? Thanks -- Mike


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  • I am currently looking at a similar solution.


    -2 data centers (essentially a tunnel between the boxes)


    -Statistics on an external MySQL 5.1 box (New in 2.3)


    -Configurations backed up for all devices on both EMs



    This seems like a sound method for highly available backups.



    I have the same question lingering in my mind though:


    -Are there any obvious caveats to having a single (GTM/LTM) device being connected to multiple EM devices?