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Jul 24, 2023

Enforce Server Cipher proposal in preferred order



I want to change the server Cipher preferred order. I want EC preferred then RSA

like below 


1, TLS13              AES256 GCM    SHA384
2, TLS13              AES128 GCM    SHA256
3, TLS13              CHACHA20 POLY1305    SHA256
4, TLS12    ECDHE    ECDSA    AES256 GCM    SHA384
5, TLS12    ECDHE    ECDSA    AES128 GCM    SHA256
6, TLS12    ECDHE    ECDSA    CHACHA20 POLY1305    SHA256

7+ all others RSA etc.

How do I achieve this? 

Via iRule? 

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