Agility 2022 - Call For Proposals

Hi everyone,

You're hearing it here first: Agility 2022 will be a virtual event held February 15-16, 2022.

This announcement is an invitation to submit a proposal to present at 
Agility 2022!

Types of presentations:
  • Breakout Session (20-30 minute) – pre recorded
  • Discussion Forum (45 minute interactive session)
  • Quick Hits (10 minutes or less, ideally single solution message, demonstrations, etc.) – pre recorded

Do you have unique first-hand technical insights and real-world best practices to share? Are you an innovative user of F5 technology? Submit your proposal abstract(s) via this form  for an opportunity to share your expertise with other F5 practitioners at Agility 2022.

We are targeting solutions so please consider the pain point of the customer and how F5 resolves those concerns.  You can have more than one presenter and we encourage you to consider include customer use cases where possible.  We will also host content in various theater friendly time zones, if selected we will work with you to determine the best time record or host your session.

Areas of focus:
  • Simplify Delivery Application of Legacy Applications
  • Enable Modern App Delivery at Scale
  • Secure Digital Experiences

We strongly recommend reading “Why Your Excellent Conference Talk Was Rejected” by Sarah Gray for tips on getting your proposal added to the agenda. Potential presenters may submit more than one abstract, with one proposal per submission. 

Feel free to reach out to Leslie with any questions you may have!

Published Nov 12, 2021
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