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Mar 30, 2011

Emergency Landing Page




Is it possible to use the GTM's to send customers to an emergency landing page if both our IPS Links down which in turn would mark both our DC's as down on the GTM's?


If so how could this work as our GTM's wouldn't be able to respond to dns requests?



Many Thanks



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  • I think you already answered your question. If your ISP links are down to both DCs, there will be no (external to the DC) requests to respond to. An alternative would be to use a hosting provider that supplies GTM services so your wideIPs could be available to send requests to an offsite landing page.
  • Yepperrs no links = no service.. Aside from a 3rd hosting location with another GTM, get in touch with your carriers and explore your options.. If it's just a landing page you're looking for, your carrier may be able to host one for you, utilizing some bgp peering options and advertise the down addresses upon a failure..
  • Thanks, the carrier would seem a good option.



    We do have some different ISP links which are used by a subsidury company, could we utilize those? Currently the listener on each GTM is on the same public address range as the websites we host. Is this how GTM's are usually configured?
  • Yes you can utilize those, another GTM(s) would be best for that option. You generally use bgp peering with the same carrier... generally.. so that wouldn't be a good option there..



    Same subnet doesn't sounds ideal.. I would split them up if you can, among other reasons, that subnet is one big single point of failure..