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Aug 04, 2011

EM userdb_entry error

Hi All,



I'm trying to add a device running v10.0.1 but when i do the discovery in EM i get the following error:



getUsersInfo: iControl error: 'iControl::OperationFailed - primary code:16908342(0x1020036) secondary code: 0(0x0) string: 01020036:3: The requested userdb_entry (gavintest) was not found.'



I found this guy - - but it is talking about the account f5emsvr.



Where could this gavintest account have come from? Is EM somehow trying to use that account? Can i get rid of it from EM?



I can't see the account on the (Un)managed device at all.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.








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  • I managed to get past this error, by creating a 'gavintest' account on the device - but any ideas where i should look to figure out why that account is needed?