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Jan 17, 2012

EM acting as a router possible?



I had the idea to built up a little F5-Lab "behind" the EM, means the EM has an IP-address in our office LAN and a second (private) IP-address in the Lab-environment. The final goal would be to have a static route on our laptops for this private Lab-environment pointing to the EMs IP-address in our office LAN. I know from the classic LTM, that you need a forwarding VS to enable routing. Is something similar possible with the EM? Maybe also on Linux-level?


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Ciao Stefan :)


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  • Hi Stefan,



    I can't think of a supported way to have EM act as a gateway. You can't create a virtual server or SNAT on EM because it's not licensed for LTM. I don't think enabling IP forwarding or something similar in Linux would work on BIG-IP. But I haven't tried this before.