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Feb 22, 2012

Easy Requirement? F5 APM and SmartAccess




If client device has valid and current anti-virus map client side drives for use within XenApp published application.


If client device does not have current anti-virus do not map client side drives within XenApp.



Is this doable with APM and the SmartAccess integration? The documentation is rather vague and this is a bit of a pre-sales pilot so we are trying to accelerate the discovery. Looking at NetScalar vs. F5 APM. Thanks!





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  • Yes, this is definitely trivial. Add AV check in the APM Visual Policy Editor, then if it passes, add SmartAccess filter action that defines your desired value, then set your Policy on the XenApp side based upon APM filter name and the value you have set - should be it. Essentially, the same instructions on Citrix side on how to do it with AGEE apply.



    Let us know if you need more detailed help with this.