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Oct 20, 2023

Dos Attacks not showing on dashboard


DoS attacks are not showing on the DoS dashboard. 


  • Strange part is this was working but then I made a few changes to split this particular virtual server into internal and external VIPs only apply DoS profile to external VIP.
  • I have a DoS logging profile enabled on this VS
  • I know attacks are happening as I can see them under Security > Event logs > DoS > Application Events
    • However, any of the new attack ids don’t show under the DoS Dashboard located Security > Reporting > DoS > Dashboards

Any thoughts on how to fix would be much appreciated?


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  • Hi Nolan_Jensen,

    I recommend you open a support case, I have other issues with dashboards in the F5 for the WAF module, and all of these problems are related to bugs, probably support can recommend you a version to fix this issue.

    Hope it works.