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Dec 28, 2018

DNS Tab not appearing on device



I am encountering an issue where the DNS tab is not showing up in the management GUI. I have the DNS module licensed and provisioned but the DNS tab disappeared after provisioning. I have tried rebooting the system, de-provisioning and re-provisioning all modules, and restart certain daemons.


Has anyone else encountered this issue or can anyone provide possible solutions?


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  • Have you opened a case with support? Also, did you make sure that provisioning took? I have seen instances where a system was reprovisioned and failed to accept all the modules due to memory or disk constraints. It should complain on the reprovisioning screen after it finishes attempting to reprovision.


  • This could be a known issue on 13.1.1 when the SSL Orchestrator option is licensed.

     tmsh show /sys license detail

    Look for SSL Orchestrator in the Active Modules list

    If this is the case, you will need to raise a Support request to get an Engineering hotfix to address this.