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Sep 08, 2011

Disable/Turnoff a TMM


I am a newbie to using F5. I have an iRule which upon processing certain control traffic prepares a map of data which I share across multiple virtual servers. However I see that this map data cannot be shared across two different TMMs. Is it possible to have this data shared across different TMMs? If it isn't, is there a way to disable/turnoff one of the TMMs? I am okay with all my traffic being processed by only only TMM. I have web access to the F5 console.



Thanks for your help.



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  • Hi Prakash,



    You can use subtables to share data across TMMs in a CMP compliant way:






    You shouldn't have to for this, but if you want to disable CMP on a virtual server, you can use:


    b virtual < virtual_server_name > cmp < disable|enable >



    See SOL7751 for details:



    sol7751: Overview of Clustered Multi-Processing




  • Thanks for a quick response.



    When I attempt to use subtables, I get an iRule error saying "undefined procedure: table". Looking up online, the documentation specifies version 10.1 support for table command. Mine's is version 9. Is subtables intrdocued in version 10 and not available before?



    I disabled cmp on my virtual server, but I still see that more than one TMM is processing my traffic. To be clear with the problem, I have a SIP TCP virtual server that prepares the map and a UDP virtual server that receives RTP traffic which uses this map. I have two RTP streams hitting F5 and I want both of them to be processed by the same TMM that processed the initial SIP traffic. I right now see that the packets for these two RTP streams are being processed by different TMMs.



  • subtables were added in 10.1. Which version of 9.x are you running?



    For 9.x you can use the session command to share key value pairs across TMMs:




  • Here's an example of using the session table to store values: