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Dec 17, 2020

Different methods to provide a fallback (aka "sorry") website

Which of these methods do you use, and why? Which methods did I miss?


1) Lowest priority member on a LTM Pool using Priority Group Activation 

- Triggers when all other nodes in the pool are down


2) "Fallback Host" on a LTM HTTP Profile

- Triggers with all nodes in a pool are down


3) "Fallback IP" on GSLB Pool

- Triggers when all members of a GSLB pool is down


4) "Last Resort Pool" on GSLB Wide-IP

- Triggers when all members of all GSLB pools are down

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  • All these methods rely on a fallback host whether it is internal or external.


    For a response from F5 itself you can create an irule to return a html response.


    The event to use is when LB_FAILED, and to send the response you use the command HTTP::respond


    With HTTP::respond you can either embed the returned html directly in the command or better call a previously created iFile.