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Jan 25, 2012

deployment guide for MSCRM 2011 IFD

I have IFD setup and running with our 1600's but I was not able to user client or server SSL profiles. I have them set to none. Since the VIP is listening on 443 I can not use HTTP profile to allow the 1600 to do any caching/compression. I see the guide for MSCRM 4.0 but using that did not work.



Has anyone got this working?


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  • Hi,



    If you want to have LTM inspect or modify the decrypted SSL, you'll need to use a client SSL profile. What issues did you run into when trying to use client SSL on the virtual server?



  • I was able to get it working. Firefox showed me the way. I was missing an intermediate cert. Once I installed that on the LTM and configured the SSL profile to use it, all was happen in the world.