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Dec 06, 2013

Deploying VMware view with 2 NICs - iApp?

Trying to deploy VMware View on LTM v.11.0HF2. The VMware View host has 2 NICs and when I try to deploy the VIPs/Pools The problem is, it isn’t working.


Issue 1: The F5 has to see the connection server, and I established a 2nd NIC on the Connection Server to make that happen. The problem is, as soon as I add a second NIC to the CS, it places the connection server into panic mode, and breaks all functionality. As soon as I remove the 2nd NIC, then reboot; the CS is happy again. This lead me to do a bit more research in relation to NLB and View.


If I can NOT deploy MS NLB, all the better.But at the moment, F5 isent able to handle the 2 NICs. Thoughts?




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    This might be a routing issue, have you verified the BIG-IP can reach the connection server on the interface you want and that the response from the server to the BIG-IP is using the same interface?