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Jul 22, 2022

Deleting SNAT pools from DNS tab only

Hello, Is it possible to delete SNAT pools from the DNS tab only without deleting them from the ltm tab also? Thanks, Ahmed Elswify
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    Jul 26, 2022

    Hi Ahmed, 

    Here is some more info about SNAT pools in DNS - hope it's useful; 

    A lot of configuration that you find in the DNS - Delivery section, is actually stored in the LTM config. These DNS sections are basically references to the relevant LTM section. The SNAT pool configuration is one of these sections. Personally I'd actually prefer if they'd straight reference to these LTM sections, but I'm sure they had a reason for it. 

    As you probably will have found with your solution, the actual SNAT config was also found in bigip.conf, rather than bigip_gtm.conf. 

    As such, no, there is no way you can delete the snat pool from the DNS/GTM section without removing it from the LTM section as well. However, any references to the SNAT pool may be a different story, but to answer that, I'd need to know a bit more about what you were exactly using it for. 

    Hope this at least clarifies a few things? If you are interested, can you give some more details about what you exactly were trying to achieve / what your setup is? I'd be happy to discuss this further.