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Jul 26, 2011

delay response time

Hi All,


I had created an virtual server without http profile enabled but right now I need to see client ip by inserting http header so I need to identify http profile on the vip server. But at this time, http request/response cycle is slower when HTTP profile is applied to the virtual server.I need to use SNAT and I could not change the default gateway of the backend servers.Do you have any idea what it happens?


Good day,


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    Can you post the iRule and a tcpdump of the traffic through the F5 (Using interface 0.0 so you can see client and server ends simultaneously). WHat sort of latency are you seeing?



  • Hi Hamish,


    The below output was provided me by application developer.You can see the latency between client and application server. Acctually I am wondering why http profile cause a latency?




    16.06 14:29:23.616 Tx: [Ref=840230 Command=IwisQuery ServiceName=LDAPCDB_QUERY Msisdn=5302230432 AppRef=RespUS](88)


    16.06 14:29:23.929 Rx: [Ref=840230 Command=IwisQuery ServiceName=LDAPCDB_QUERY Msisdn=5302230432 IwisReturnCode=0 IwisDetailCode=0 Tid=2238B60D4DF9E9134471D9E2 ReturnCode=0 ActivationDate=20100407143920 DeactivationDate=20110505235959 ICCID=89902860312407291870 IMSI=286031210208078 RoamingFlag=FALSE Status=2 TariffId=19 OfferedGroupId1=0 OfferedGroupId2=0 IsPrepaid=TRUE PredeactivationDate=0 Installationdate=0 CustomerGroup=0 StatusReason=0 IsPaymentResponsible=0 GPO=0]


    16.06 14:29:23.929 Tx: [Ref=840231 Command=IwisQuery ServiceName=LDAPCDB_QUERY Msisdn=5545495186 AppRef=RespUS](88)


    16.06 14:29:24.226 Rx: [Ref=840231 Command=IwisQuery ServiceName=LDAPCDB_QUERY Msisdn=5545495186 IwisReturnCode=0 IwisDetailCode=0 Tid=2238B60D4DF9E914229BDEA6 ReturnCode=0 ActivationDate=20100615194409 DeactivationDate=20100913194409 ICCID=89902860375379362532 IMSI=286037540005186 RoamingFlag=FALSE Status=2 TariffId=25 OfferedGroupId1=0 OfferedGroupId2=0 IsPrepaid=TRUE PredeactivationDate=0 Installationdate=0 CustomerGroup=0 StatusReason=0 IsPaymentResponsible=0 GPO=0]


    16.06 14:29:30.398 Tx: [Ref=840232 Command=IwisQuery ServiceName=LDAPCDB_QUERY Msisdn=5356861991 AppRef=RespUS](88)


    16.06 14:29:30.726 Rx: [Ref=840232 Command=IwisQuery ServiceName=LDAPCDB_QUERY Msisdn=null IwisReturnCode=3 IwisDetailCode=-27001 Tid=686B83B84DF9E91A333540CC]


    16.06 14:29:39.398 Tx: [Ref=840233 Command=IwisQuery ServiceName=LDAPCDB_QUERY Msisdn=5077679954 AppRef=RespUS](88)


    16.06 14:29:39.663 Rx: [Ref=840233 Command=IwisQuery ServiceName=LDAPCDB_QUERY Msisdn=5077679954 IwisReturnCode=0 IwisDetailCode=0 Tid=2238B60D4DF9E923203852E0 ReturnCode=0 ActivationDate=20100414171413 DeactivationDate=0 ICCID=89902860356430800710 IMSI=286035610411953 RoamingFlag=FALSE Status=a TariffId=59 OfferedGroupId1=0 OfferedGroupId2=0 IsPrepaid=FALSE PredeactivationDate=0 Installationdate=0 CustomerGroup=17 StatusReason=23 IsPaymentResponsible=TRUE GPO=0]


    16.06 14:29:39.694 Tx: [Ref=840234 Command=IwisQuery ServiceName=LDAPCDB_QUERY Msisdn=5549998638 AppRef=RespUS](88)


    16.06 14:29:39.976 Rx: [Ref=840234 Command=IwisQuery ServiceName=LDAPCDB_QUERY Msisdn=5549998638 IwisReturnCode=0 IwisDetailCode=0 Tid=2238B60D4DF9E9236E3767EB ReturnCode=0 ActivationDate=20110111135145 DeactivationDate=20110411135145 ICCID=89902860310481910928 IMSI=286031070118638 RoamingFlag=FALSE Status=4 TariffId=19 OfferedGroupId1=0 OfferedGroupId2=0 IsPrepaid=TRUE PredeactivationDate=20110413135159 Installationdate=0 CustomerGroup=0 StatusReason=0 IsPaymentResponsible=0 GPO=0]




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    Sorry, that log tells me nothing. In order to determine IF the BigIP is introducing the latency, you need to measure the speed of the packets ACROSS the F5 itself. WHich means a tcpdump watching both interfaces at once.


    You can then compare the response time from the server back to the F5, and the response time from f5 back to client... if the BigIP is causing the delay, it'll be obvious there...



    After all, it could be the app server going slow when it's reading the XFF header for example...