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Jun 10, 2022

Declarative Policy WAF with custom partition


I'm trying to deploy a WAF policy using Declarative Policy using the following guide:

It works when deploying to Common partition, but I want to use a custom partition where the service account only has access to the partition I named Api. 

When using admin account I send this:

"fileReference": {

The result I get is:

"items": [
"isBase64": false,
"executionStartTime": "2022-06-10T12:15:41Z",
"status": "COMPLETED",
"lastUpdateMicros": 1.654863352e+15,
"getPolicyAttributesOnly": false,
"kind": "tm:asm:tasks:import-policy:import-policy-taskstate",
"filename": "",
"endTime": "2022-06-10T12:15:53Z",
"id": "2m4mUX_BJzghS83ktGM30g",
"startTime": "2022-06-10T12:15:41Z",
"retainInheritanceSettings": false,
"result": {
"policyReference": {
"fullPath": "/Common/swagger"
"message": "The operation was completed successfully. The security policy name is '/Common/swagger'. Policy Template set to API Security."
"fileReference": {
"link": ""
So the policy is created in Common, not in /Api as specified in fullPath.
Anyone that has succeded to deploy in custom partition?
Br Andréas