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Jul 27, 2011

cssd staus change into syslog?

I would like to be able to get the autodetection configuration status changes logged into the local syslog and then trap for them. Ie when the GUI changes from "Config Sync OK" to "Synchronization Required" I would like a local syslog message generated.





The autodetect feature automatically detects configuration status and displays that status on all Configuration utility screens. The configsync state daemon (cssd) is used to check the status of each unit."

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  • i don't think there is builtin functionality.



    anyway, i think it could be possilbe if we run script to check db variable (e.g. Configsync.State) periodically (e.g. cron) and create log (e.g. logger) if configsync state is not in sync. So, alertd can send trap based on the log.
  • cheers, have you got more information on what the script should look like or can you reference me a link to read?


    I gather if I go down the road of a script i'd need to ensure it gets backed up within the cs.dat file (thus UCS) for inclusion when performing future upgrades?