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Nov 07, 2011

Create Domino LTPA token on F5 problem




I'm trying to use the code at



to create a Domino LTPA token but I am getting the following error showing on the Domino server:


Token does not lead with 0 [Single Sign-On token is invalid].



The token should begin with the version number 0123 e.g. from the code


set ltpa_version "\x00\x01\x02\x03"



However, after decoding the token and then looking at it in a hex editor the version number shows as:



C0 80 01 02 03 .......



Can somebody explain to me why the \x00 is being changed to C0 80 please?



I've experimented putting other numbers in thefirst position to see what happens e.g. \x01\x01\x02\x03 and the hex readout looks correct i.e. 01 01 02 03. It only fails when I use a \x00 in the first position.



Thanks for any suggestions.




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