Create Your Own Certificate Authority

Problem this snippet solves:

The main goal of this article is to share an easy way to create your own Certificate Authority (CA) for your lab enviroment with APM module.


This repository is composed by a set of scripts that give you an easy way to:

  1. Create your own root CA.
  2. Create your own intermediate CA, signed by your root CA.
  3. Create your own certs, signed by your intermediate CA or your root CA.
  4. Create your own OCSP cert, for using it in your OCSP responder.
  5. Create your own CRL cert, for using it directly in your APM.
  6. Revoke your certs (remember to refresh your CRL cert after that).
  7. Create your own PKCS#12 cert (from regular PEM certs/keys) for installing it in your windows enviroment.
  8. Invoke a OCSP responder of your certs enviroment (remember to create a OCSP cert first).

How to use this snippet:

Download and install your enviroment using these commands:

git clone
cd LabCA
chmod +x $(ls | grep -v README)

Tested this on version:

Published Sep 07, 2021
Version 1.0

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