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Mar 09, 2022

cpcfg --source=HD1.2 --reboot HD1.1 for GTM upgrade from 11.5.8 >

I'm in the midst of upgrading a GTM from 11.5.8 to Build 004 and I did a dry run and noticed the device didn't give the option to install the configs in the new volume. After some searching, I stumbled upon this command. Has anyone ever tried it from the OS versions mentioned and advise if they were successful?

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    Hello VFB.

    When you install a new firmware image into a boot location, the installation process will copy the config from your current boot location to the new boot location.

    If you make some changes to your current boot location later on, then you need the cpcfg to extend those changes to the previous installed boot location.

    Hope this clarifies your question.