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Aug 17, 2005

Controlling monitors


In order to stop and then turn on the monitor probing for a specific pool, I need to invoke LocalLB.Pool.remove_monitor_association and LocalLB.Pool.set_monitor_association. Is this correct? Are there other ways of doing this?







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  • To turn off all monitoring, I believe that is the only way to do it. I don't believe there is a way to disable monitors withing removing the associations.



    Just to ask, why do you want to disable monitoring for the pool completely and then re-enable it? Is this for a deployment scenario?



  • But why do you need to disable monitors on the entire pool? Wouldn't it be simpler to drain connections from the given pool member, deploy the new software to that node, and then re-enable connections to the pool member?



    If you have concerns with your pool remaining active, then you could always set the minimum up members to something small, and then repeat the procedure above for each pool member until all servers are updated.