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Nov 19, 2021

Connect 2 Blades between

I can’t find the reference to connect 2 B4450 through a 40gb port (For failover), which cable is supported, it can be Transceiver to Transceiver (8-fiber parallel transceivers 40G / 100G, SR4, PSM). The idea is to connect one card to the other, between 2 chassis, to build the failover between them. Thanks a lot.

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  • Hi Daniel,


    I think you have to use transceivers and fibers, because afaik there are no 40G DACs.


    See here:


    If your chassis are relatively close to one another I'd go for F5-UPG-QSFP+BD. It supports up to 100 meters using OM3 fibers, and the connector is a standard LC duplex. If you need more than that distance, OM4 fibers can get you up to 150 meters.


    If you already have 8-fiber parallel fibers with MPO/MPT connectors you can use F5-UPG-QSFP+SR4.


    More than that (up to 10 km), you'll have to switch to single-mode fibers and use F5-UPG-QSFP+LR4 or F5-UPG-QSFP+PSM4.



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      Mike thank you very much for the reply. Now I have the B4450 cards, I only have 40GB and 100GB ports so I want to make the failover connection through a 40GB port. I have the QSFP F5-UPG-QSFP + PSM4 on both cards, my question is what type of cable can I use to connect both cards to each other, from (F5-UPG-QSFP + PSM4) to (F5-UPG-QSFP + PSM4) , I am not sure what type of MTP / MPO patch cord I should use. Thanks
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        Hi Daniel,


        You'll need a MPT/MPO-terminated OS2 8-fiber cable. Which, according to a fast search, is incredibly hard to find. I'm not sure if a 12-fiber cable would work.


        I wonder why would one buy long range transceivers to connect things within a data center, but I guess now it's too late to change that :(