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Sep 18, 2019

Configuring Big-IP SAML IDP to handle Multiple Service Providers



Im currently in the process of configuring the Big-IP to act as a SAML IDP for my organizations ServiceNow SP. We have an on premise solution so configuring our SAML has been a bit of a challenge and i wanted to seek a bit of assistance here.


Currently i have a Big-IP 4400 w/ APM licensed handling SAML Requests for our Horizon View Environment. User's connect from a External Network and the Big-IP Authenticates them internally before creating a tunnel between the two networks. I did this using the iApp however i know that it appears to implement some Session variables for configuring Smartcard/Two-Factor authentication due to our requirements this was done all automatically.


We have an On-Premise ServiceNow solution installed and I would like to have it use the current Big-IP SAML i have in place (Again this was configured with an iApp) however i do not know if this is possible because its two different Service Providers and would point to two different solutions?


Otherwise would i have to create a new Big-IP SAML IDP with another IP Address (I do have a limited availability of IP's) that can handle multiple SP's?

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